Company Profile

Hyper Stealth Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in providing signature Management solutions and products for camouflage and concealment. HSTPL has an experienced research & development team to incorporate in-house developed advance technologies in its Camouflage Products. These products fully comply with the stringent specifications of Military Camouflage requirement.

HSTPL is specialized in developing, designing & manufacturing advance solutions to effectively manage the stealth properties of military targets. These essentially provide a systematic, analytical and standardized method for achieving stealth. Our specialized stealth solutions provide unsurpassed protection against advance tracing devices. 

HSTPL solutions are not just another camouflage product, and definitely not something that one has come across earlier. They are truly the most advanced technological accomplished Stealth products intended for military assets. HSTPL’s fundamental principle is to achieve ‘Perfect Signature Management’, so that assets are unidentifiable by all modern surveillance & identification systems.


HSTPL aims to acheive high level of proficiency in developing, designing and manufacturing advanced Stealth Solutions for Defense Industry. We also intend to take the country’s research and development in the field of stealth and camouflage at the leading edge of the world.