Hyper / Multi Spectral Camouflage Paint

HSTPL has introduced Multi-Spectral Camouflage Paint (MSCP) for Military applications. It provides high level of protection against various topography & environmental conditions. The Multi Spectral Camouflage Paints  have been developed to cater to the requirements of camouflage of military targets in visible, near Infrared and thermal regions.

MSCP are superior to currently available camouflage paints as they provide surface protection and durability in addition to providing Multi Spectral Camouflage. The MSCP coatings have specially tailored reflectance values in the Vis-NIR part. Also, its Adaptive Signature Management quality in Thermal Part of the spectrum matches itself to the surrounding terrain elements.

Camouflage in Visible, Near Infrared& Adaptive Signature Management as per surrounding in Thermal Part.

MSCP are specially designed for low gloss and color-matching with the natural surroundings such as sand and vegetation. The MSCP coatings help in effective merging with the changing surrounding Signatures (Thermal) by exhibiting matching Dynamic Signature management with natural natural terrain elements. This makes them blend better with the background, when seen through optical, night-vision devices & Thermal Imagers. This coating makes targets blending in static and moving in thermal part.

Types of Camouflage :

  • Ultraviolet. (250nm to 400nm
  • Visual (400nm to 700nm)
  • Near Infrared. (750nm to 1200nm)
  • Short Wave Infrared ( 1200nm to 2500nm)
  • Middle Infrared ( 3000nm to 5000nm)
  • Far Infrared (8000nm to 14000nm)
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