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HSTPL has introduced Light Weight Multi Spectral Camouflage Personal Equipment (MSCPE) for Military applications. It provides high level of protection against various topography & environmental conditions. In MSCPE, various colour combinations that are required to merge the object with background are provided based on terrain of application. Option of reversibility is available to cater for two different terrains using same MSCPE.


Type of Camouflage:

  • Ultraviolet. (250nm to 400nm
  • Visual. (400nm to 700nm)
  • Near Infrared. (750nm to 1200nm)
  • Short Wave Infrared ( 1200nm to 2500nm)
  • Middle Infrared ( 3000nm to 5000nm)
  • Far Infrared (8000nm to 14000nm)


MSCPE provides effective Thermal Camouflage Properties which reduce by 70% the chance of recognition of the object(s) covered by it, when viewed using sensors in the defined EM spectrum i.e. 3μ to 5μ and 8μ to 12μbands.The maximum thermal transmission of this MSCPE in these bands is less than 30%.

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