Adaptive Thermal Camouflage Paint

HSTPL proudly introduces its latest breakthrough, the Adaptive Thermal Camouflage Paint. This advance coating is intelligent in functioning as it balances itself according to its surroundings. This unique coating functions like a chameleon and provides dynamic signature management properties to the substrate on which it is applied, thus making it almost invisible to even the most advanced Thermal Detection Systems. 

HSTPL’s ATCP can be applied on any surface including metallic, alkaline/cement and plastic. It is a permanent countermeasure, suitable for command centers, headquarters, bunkers, oil tanks, airstrips and of course armored or tracked vehicles, multiple launchers, howitzers and weapon systems.

  • You see first, act first, and engage the enemy under its own conditions and plan.
  • Forces can approach closer, undetected and engage first.
  • Dramatically increases the chances of survival of valuable assets and personnel.
  • A “Force Multiplier” with a simple, effective and affordable solution.
  • Less expensive compared to any imported technology/products.
  • Lesser casualties, lesser destruction of arms, ammunition & other equipment.
  • Customizable   as  per  user requirement as  Intellectual Property is with HSTPL.
Anti-Thermal paint2
Originally Painted Tank
Anti-Thermal paint1
Tank Painted with HSTPL Paint
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