Radar Absorbing Paint

HSTPL offers Radar Absorbing Paint  for Military, Navy & Aerospace applications. It provides high level of protection against various topography & environmental conditions. The multilayered radar absorbing coating with microwave absorption of 50% to 85% (G – J – X Bands), (71%-85% in X Band) is available within a thickness of only 1.1mm. 

Type of Camouflage:
  • Microwaves (2-18Ghz)
  • Very High Absorption in (2-18Ghz)
  • Ultra Thin Film
  • Nano Technology
Key Features:
  • Minimization of RF-crosstalk and RF interference (RFI) in analog and digital applications
  • Extraneous reflection reduction of outdoor antenna monitor equipment
  • Reduction of RF noise & for RF signals, Suppression of surface & creeping waves
  • Reduction of cavity resonance 
  • Minimization of RF coupling of antennas and microwave components
  • Extraneous reflection reduction of RCS test
  • Equipment covering and concealment
  • Low observable (Stealth coating)
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