Utilization of Stealth in Defense & Aerospace Industry


HSTPL is proud to develop by its own R & D, Stealth Material in the form of paint/coating for all the three forces viz. Army, Navy & Air force which absorb the microwave radiations of enemy Radar making the target difficult to detect. Our HSTPL coating is in micron level which has minimum weight to penalty ratio. 


HSTPL coating covers complete camouflage spectrum (UV, VIS, NIR,  MWIR,  LWIR & MICROWAVE) with being adaptive in nature to its surroundings. Thermal cloaking and camouflage have attracted increasing attention with the progress of infrared surveillance technologies. Adaptive multi-spectral camouflage coating is the best solution for achieving static and dynamic thermal camouflage properties.  HSTPL Adaptive Multi-spectral camouflage coatings are futuristic and different from others.

HSTPL Adaptive Multi-spectral camouflage coating is an available solution for achieving thermal camouflage property without using any external power.

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