Integrated Mobile Camouflage System (IMCS)

Protection in the Dynamic  & Static Conditions:

As Vehicle are most detectable when Moving. “IMCS ” Multi Spectral Properties and fully optimized sensor protection is essential to ensure concealed mobility. IMCS self Balances its own multispectral signatures as per surrounding terrain.

Technical Features
  • Multi Spectral Self Signature Management
  • Assured reduction in Multi Spectral Signature in following spectrums given below:
    1. Visual and Near-infrared properties
    2. Thermal Signature
    3. Radar (8-12Ghz)
  • Light Weight Solution no weight penalty & No interference in vehicle movement and functions.
  • EMI / EMC compatible.
  • Field repairable.
Key features:
  • The IMCS camouflage properties defeats hostile sensors and target acquisition system in all phases of the mission.
  • The Multi Spectral Signature management properties of the IMCS lowers a vehicle’s internal temperature, extending the endurance of personnel and electronic Equipment.
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